Current Volunteer Opportunities

Dear Friends,

Many thanks to everyone who has reached out to us recently. In times of challenge, Rosie’s Place has often experienced a surge in volunteer interest and support and the past several weeks have been no exception. It’s has been heartening to see so many rushing to offer assistance and support to the women of Rosie’s Place. Please read Rosie’s Place President/CEO Leemarie Mosca’s recent updates here. 

As more of Massachusetts starts to open up, many of you are wondering when volunteering at Rosie’s Place will return to normal. Right now, we’re just not sure. We knew early on in the pandemic that we had to take action to protect our guests – many of whom had nowhere to go when told to Stay-At-Home. Our homeless guests have been grateful to have a place they can social distance as their options – congregate living, sleeping outside, etc. – do not provide them with this safety measure.  These women are some of the most vulnerable among us, with conditions and circumstances that make them more likely to contract COVID and, when they do, to get sicker.

Today, our operations remain modified to accommodate social distancing; our staff works across departments to provide essential services; and our guests continue to have very limited options for staying safe. Onsite volunteering remains paused as we continue to respond to the needs of our guests while prioritizing their health and safety.

Although you are unable to join us onsite during this time, there are still ways you can join us in our work. There is much to be done and your help, while provided differently, is as important as ever.  Here are some ways to take action now:

Mask Donations

Thanks to your generosity, we are providing masks to staff and medical partners as well as the hundreds of guests who visit Rosie’s Place daily. Information about our continuing need can be found here.

Public Policy Alerts

This crisis has exposed the inadequacies that have always existed in the safety net for poor and homeless women. If you’re ready for change, sign up for our Action Alert Network to learn about our policy efforts.

Virtual Food Drive

Contribute to our food drive, share it with your family and friends and encourage your workplace or community organization to create their own drive as well.  Participating in this drive is the best way to get much needed food to us safely.

Give to Support Our Work

We’ve highlighted a few other creative ways you can help us right now here.



As always, thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t do what we do without you beside us – even if it is from afar.

Take care,


Jessica Garretson
Director of Volunteer Services
Rosie's Place