How We Help

Public Policy departments are not commonly found in direct service organizations such as Rosie’s Place, but giving voice to issues that affect poor and homeless women has always been an integral part of what we do. 

The Public Policy department works to seek social justice on behalf of Rosie’s Place guests. We work to achieve this goal through direct lobbying, coalition building and by empowering guests to be actively involved in civic life.


Rosie’s Place Action Network

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2019-2020 Priorities

2019-2020 Legislative priorities

  1. Dental access – H.1916, Rep. Hogan & Rep. Pignately | S.1215 by Sen. Chandler TAKE ACTION
  2. Closing the SNAP gap - H.1173, Rep. Livingstone | S.678, Sen. DiDomenico TAKE ACTION
  3. Rent Arrearage Assistance Program – H.1264 Rep. Decker TAKE ACTION
  4. Safe space to sleep  - H.1265, Rep. Decker TAKE ACTION


FY2020 Budget Priorities

  1. Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT), line item 7004-9316, FY20 request $27,000,000
  2. Mass. Rental Voucher Program (MRVP), line item 7004-9024, FY20 request $130,000,000
  3. Emergency Assistance Family Shelters and Services (EA), line item 7004-0101, FY20 request $180,000,000
  4. Healthy Incentives Program (HIP), line item 4400-1001, FY20 request $8,500,000


Urge your State Representative and Senator to support budget amendments to fund these programs!

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Legislative Endorsements

In addition to our priorities, Rosie’s Place has endorsed the following pieces of legislation:

  • Breakfast after the Bell - S.267 Sen. DiDomenico | H.591 Rep. Vargas & Rep. Vega
  • Eviction Record Sealing/HOMES Act - S. 824 Sen. Boncore | H. 3566 Rep. Moran
  • Fair Share Amendment - S.16 Sen. Lewis | H.86 Rep. O’Day
  • Homeless Bill of Rights - S.816 Sen. Rausch | H.1314 Rep. Pignatelli
  • Immigrant Access to Higher Education - S.740 Sen. Chang-Díaz | H.1239 Rep. Provost
  • Lift our Kids Out of Deep Poverty - S.36 Sen. DiDomenico | H.102 Rep. Decker
  • Massachusetts Healthy Workplace - S.1072 Sen. Feeney
  • Mass. ID for the Homeless - S.2043 Sen. Chandler | H.3066 Rep. Khan
  • Right to Counsel - S.913 Sen. DiDomenico | H.3456 Rep. Tyler
  • Safe Communities Act - S.1401 Sen. Eldridge | H.3573 Rep. Balser & Rep Miranda
  • Work and Family Mobility Act - S.2061 Sen. Crighton | H.3012 Rep. Farley Bouvier & Rep. Barber
  • Single Payer - S.683 Sen. Eldridge | H.1194 Rep. Garlick & Rep. Sabadosa


Victories in this Legislation Session

  • Lift the Cap on Kids - H.104 Rep. Decker | S.37 Sen. DiDomenico
    • [Hidden In Dropdown or Timeline] On April 25, 2019, the MA Legislature near unanimously overrode Governor Baker’s veto of the legislation to “Lift the Cap on Kids,” officially making it into law. Families impacted by this now-repealed law will possibly see an increase to their cash benefits after September 2019 that will be retroactive to January 2019.