How We Help

Public Policy departments are not commonly found in direct service organizations such as Rosie’s Place, but giving voice to issues that affect poor and homeless women has always been an integral part of what we do. 

The Public Policy department works to seek social justice on behalf of Rosie’s Place guests. We work to achieve this goal through direct lobbying, coalition building and by empowering guests to be actively involved in civic life.


Rosie’s Place Action Network

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2021-2022 Legislative Priorities

Shelter and Homelessness

  • EA Family Shelter Access – H.202, Rep. Decker & Rep. Miranda | S.111, Sen. Gomez
  • Homeless Bill of Rights – H.264, Rep. Pignatelli | S.142, Sen. Rausch
  • MA IDs for the Homeless – H.3515, Rep. Khan & Rep. O’Day | S.2276, Sen. Chandler

Eviction and Homelessness Prevention

  • Upstream Rental Assistance – H.1385, Rep. Decker & Rep. Miranda
  • Preventing COVID-19 Evictions - H.1434, Rep. Moran & Rep. Honan | S.891, Sen. Jehlan
  • Right to Counsel – H.1436, Rep. Rogers & Rep. Day | S.874, Sen. DiDomenico

Housing Access

  • Eviction Record Sealing – H.1808, Rep. Moran | S.921, Sen. Boncore
  • MA Rental Voucher Program - H.1428, Rep. Madaro | S.898, Sen. Lovely
  • Housing and Environment Revenue – H.2890, Rep. Elugardo | S.1853, Sen. Eldridge

Safety Net and Public Benefits

  • Lifting Kids out of Deep Poverty – H.199, Rep. Decker | S.96 by Sen. DiDomenico
  • Closing the SNAP gap - H.1290, Rep. Livingstone | S.761, Sen. DiDomenico
  • Language Access and Inclusion – H.3199, Rep. Madaro & Rep. Gonzalez | S.2040, Sen. DiDomenico

Voting Rights and Election Access

  • VOTES Act – H.805, Rep. Lawn | S.459, Sen. Creem
  • FARE Act - H.3547, Rep. Tyler & Rep. Moran | S.2261, Sen. Boncore

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