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Serving approximately 100,000 healthy and hearty meals each year, Rosie’s Place depends on a network of volunteer catering groups to provide a meal to everyone in need. 

Working Together, Building Community

Catering groups underwrite food costs and then prepare and serve that meal to guests in our Dining Room. Rosie's Place staff designs the menu, purchases needed ingredients and guides your group through the meal preparation. No kitchen experience is necessary – all your group members need to do is show up and follow the kitchen crew’s instructions!

Catering a Meal

  • Catering groups are limited to a maximum of 10 people.
  • Volunteers must be 16 or older. 
  • A $500 donation supports meal costs.
  • All volunteers must pre-register before their visit.

Get Started Today!

Step 1 Read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 2 Review the Catering Calendar. 

Step 3 Request catering dates by submitting a Date Request Form. Community Engagement will respond to your inquiry within 2 business days.


This fun, hands-on opportunity for groups supports Rosie’s Place in meeting our guests’ needs for everyday essentials as well as special gifts. Group members process donations from the community as well as purchased items by sorting, checking quality, and packaging items for distribution to Rosie’s Place guests through various programs.

About our Workshops

  • Our workshop can host a maximum of 10 people.
  • A $1,000 donation supports kit build supplies.
  • Group members must pre-register before their visit.

Get Started Today!

Step 1 Review the Workshop Calendar

Step 2 Request Workshop dates by submitting a Date Request Form. Community Engagement will respond to your inquiry within 2 business days. 

Questions? Review the Frequently Asked Questions or email

Looking for another way for your group to get involved?
Consider holding a drive or event.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to other FAQs can be found on our Individual Volunteering and Social Justice Institute pages.

Can we cater without having cooking experience?

Yes! Our Dining Room runs under the experienced eyes of our professional staff. We plan, prepare and serve meals every day with the help of a volunteer crew. You’ll get clear instruction throughout the shift and the results will be delicious.

Can men volunteer?

Absolutely! We welcome all volunteers.

What is the age requirement?

Volunteers must be 16 years or older.

Does my group have to make a donation to cater a meal?

Catering involves underwriting, as well as preparing and serving the meal. It enables Rosie’s Place to help support the costs of providing 60,000 meals a year including:
• Healthy menu and beverage selections
• Pantry staples like milk, butter and condiments
• Disposable goods including napkins and gloves
• Professional kitchen equipment
• Trained food service professionals

How do I coordinate a date for my group?

It's helpful to first decide how many people will be attending and what days and times work best for the group. Then:

1. Review the Catering Calendar and identify possible dates.
2. Request catering dates via the Date Request Form.

How far in advance can I book a catering date?

We are able to book catering dates as far in advance as you like. Typically, groups schedule about 30 days in advance but we can have last minute openings as well.

Can you hold a date for me while I double check with my group?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of inquiries and interest, we are not able to hold dates. Please only list dates on the Date Request Form that work for your group.

Does completing a Date Request Form reserve a date for my group?

No. A date is reserved when you receive a Catering Reservation email directly from Community Engagement.

Is it possible that a date on the Catering Calendar is already filled?

Yes. We work to keep the calendar as accurate as possible, but there can be delays in updates. That’s why we ask that you list several dates on the Date Request Form.

How many people can come with my catering group?

Catering groups are limited to 10 volunteers.

Do you have opportunities for groups of more than 10 people?

Our capacity is 10 volunteers. Larger groups can choose to cater several dates or hold drives or events to engage more members.

My friends/family want to serve a meal together. Are we individual or group volunteers?

Catering as a group is the easiest way to volunteer with several people. Catering groups schedule in advance, reserve spots for their group members and underwrite food costs of $500. If catering is not an option, you may want to explore our individual volunteer program. Although you won’t necessarily be volunteering together, it is an opportunity to help in the Dining Room.

Do you have COVID safety protocols in place?

Yes! The safety of our community is of vital importance to Rosie’s Place therefore we require staff and volunteers be vaccinated. We know that even with vaccinations, COVID can be spread and that volunteers share in our duty of care for our guests. All group members will be required to pre-register and agree to the details of Rosie’s Place’s COVID safety protocols.