Housing Is Health Care

At Rosie’s Place, we believe that housing is a human right. And now more than ever, in a pandemic-stricken, uncertain world—housing is, indisputably—health care.

For poor women who have housing, we recognize the fragility of their stability. So many of our guests are one sick day away from unemployment or one missed paycheck away from eviction. The loss of housing is all too often the first domino to fall in a perilous line that can quickly lead to unemployment, homelessness and illness.

Long before COVID-19 created an economic crisis that in turn has spurred the threat of widespread evictions—Rosie’s Place has been a safety net for women struggling to keep their housing. And today, our critical work to keep women healthy and in their homes continues.

Our Advocacy Helpline receives as many as 100 calls daily from women who have lost their jobs and are unable to pay their rent and utilities until their unemployment benefits arrive; women late with rent whose landlords are threatening eviction; and women behind on mortgage payments fearful of losing homes they worked so hard to attain. We’ve increased our funding to meet this rapidly expanding need for financial assistance, and also work with our guests to create budgets and payment plans with management and utility companies. 

Our Legal Program helps women with a host of housing issues made even more complex by the pandemic. Often challenged by language and technology, and experiencing harassment from landlords and debtors—our guests feel alone and overwhelmed. We ensure that they understand their rights and expectations during an eviction moratorium. With our legal partner, we assist our guests with online applications and Zoom court dates and advocate on their behalf with the courts, landlords and debtors.

Although the City of Boston has extended its eviction moratorium for public housing residents through the end of the year, there are still thousands of poor women at risk of losing their homes. We know too well the far-reaching effects of such a loss on our guests’ lives, so we do absolutely everything we can to prevent them from having to endure the devastation of homelessness. While there may be an avalanche of displacement and evictions in the future, we remain resolute in our commitment to safeguarding the fundamental right of housing for our guests. 

Thanks to friends like you, Rosie’s Place can make sure they never lose hope. Because thanks to friends like you, they’ll always have our help.

With appreciation, 

Leemarie Mosca