Remaining Close While Safely Distancing

For the past eight weeks, we’ve all felt the impact of COVID-19. Social distancing has meant isolation from family, friends and community, and we all long to connect again.

At Rosie’s Place, we miss this connection, too. Distancing measures and health precautions necessary to our safe operations have prevented us from interacting with our guests in the ways we once would. No longer can we throw our arms around each other in celebration, no longer can we offer a hand in comfort. Our masks cover our smiles and they muffle our words of encouragement.

These limitations take a toll. On our staff, who must for the safety of all resist these natural inclinations. And for our guests most of all—the women for whom close contact and kind gestures have always been in short supply, but never so at Rosie’s Place.

And so we must find new ways to communicate our caring. We cross our arms over our chests to let a woman know we are offering her a hug. When we smile, we also give a thumbs up. You can regularly hear staff members throughout Rosie’s Place exclaiming words of cheer.

While this health crisis has affected so much, the compassion and care we show our guests is unchanged. We are dedicated to ensuring that each woman receives not only the tangible things she needs—food, shelter, clothing, help—but also those other, equally important intangible things—warmth, kindness, love, relationship.

We are able to do this because of you. Because you care, and because of your enduring connection to us. Thank you for ensuring that Rosie’s Place remains a place of warmth and welcome to every woman who seeks our help.


With appreciation,

Leemarie Mosca
President/Executive Director