Providing Stability in an Unsteady World

Rosie’s Place has always provided a safety net for women living on the edge. But when the global pandemic created an economic crisis that in turn has spurred the threat of widespread evictions—we became a lifeline. Since March of 2020, we have been helping more women than ever before stay housed and healthy.

Over the past year, our Advocates have conducted 34% more visits with 87% more women. We established a Helpline that allows women to access help with whatever they need from wherever they are when they call us. This means more help with back rent and utility arrearages, moving and storage costs, mental health and recovery support, and expert housing, legal, and job search advice. And as a national eviction crisis looms, our efforts to keep women and their families in their homes have grown by 72%.

With a gift today, you will help to sustain our Eviction Prevention programs so that we can continue to ensure the stability of women and their families during this critical time.

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Your generosity means we can help women like Michaela, a single mother who lost her cleaning job last March and fell severely behind in her rent. It was only when her children returned to school that she was able to find new work. We helped Michaela to pay her rent, and even negotiated a payment plan with her landlord for the months ahead, so that she could keep her home and catch up on other bills.

Your support is also vital to Janine, a grandmother who worked as a grocery store cashier throughout the pandemic. But in the winter, when she got COVID, Janine was homebound for months, worrying about how she could put food in her cupboards, keep her electricity on and pay her rent. Thankfully, her job was waiting for her when her health improved—but unfortunately, so too, were her debts.

A neighbor told Janine about Rosie’s Place, “I was really feeling hopeless when I called. But the Advocate was so kind and listened to me like a friend. Thank you for helping me with groceries and my bills.”

Thanks to friends like you, Rosie’s Place can make sure that women like Michaela and Janine never lose hope. Because thanks to friends like you, they’ll always have our help.

With gratitude,

Leemarie Mosca

P.S. As moratoriums lift, we anticipate an avalanche of requests for help with rent and utility bills. Please give at