Help Us Do More This Winter

The winter months always ask more of us.

As the days get colder and darker, we’ll need sweaters, coats and hats. We’ll be inside more, needing our heat up higher and our lights on longer, making those bills cost much more every month. Most of us are lucky to be able to meet these basic needs and enjoy the holiday season.

But poor and homeless women all too often spend this season living in more risk, with more worry and making do with even less in order to just survive.

Frigid temperatures threaten the lives of homeless women living on the streets and the hard-won stability of poor women struggling to pay the high costs of staying warm and housed. Many will have to choose between paying rent or eating dinner. Keeping the lights on or buying a holiday gift.

That’s why this winter, as always, Rosie’s Place will continue to do more for the many more women who are counting on us. Can we count on you?

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Your generosity will bring more warmth, wellbeing and joy
to the women of Rosie’s Place this winter.

There will be more delicious meals and festivities in our Dining Room. More coats, blankets, care packages and holiday gifts will be given out through our Food Pantry. And more women will know the comforts of community and the security of their own home, because of you.

Thank you for believing in the importance of our mission and the power of compassion.

Heartfelt best wishes for the holiday season,

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Leemarie Mosca