Celebrating Kip Tiernan

Rosie’s Place founder, Kip Tiernan said this of our earliest days:

“When we first opened on Easter Sunday, 1974, there were more volunteers than there were guests. But within two weeks, we had tons of women coming into Rosie’s Place. And I said, ‘Well, we need flowers. We need music.
We need some art on these walls!’”

Kip knew that welcome, love and joy are in the details. And today, more than 47 years after she opened our doors—these details are at the core
of all we do.

Because it’s not enough that we serve hundreds of meals every day. How we prepare and serve them—and where we serve them, matter too. It’s not enough that we offer 20 beds every night to women who have nowhere else to sleep. The pillows, blankets and bureaus we place in their bedrooms matter too. It’s not enough that our Advocates accommodate more than 17,000 appointments every year, helping women with emergency needs and long-term challenges. Greeting our guests with a smile and speaking with them respectfully and compassionately—in their own language—matters too.

Today, we will celebrate what would have been Kip’s 95th birthday. Of course—there will be flowers, music and art! And at the center will be a community joining to remember the remarkable woman who brought us all together—who taught us that standing up for what is right, keeping an open heart, finding joy in the details and helping others however you can—are all that matter.

Thank you, Kip!

In celebration and solidarity,

Leemarie Mosca