Celebrating All the Rosies

When Kip Tiernan founded Rosie’s Place on Easter Sunday back in 1974, we became the nation’s first emergency shelter for women. But Kip didn’t want to make history. She wanted to make a difference. And that’s exactly what she did.

Today, almost five decades after Kip first opened our doors, we still receive letters addressed to “Rosie.” As Kip wrote, years ago:

People still call me Rosie, but we called it Rosie’s Place because it sounded warm and comfortable like your aunt’s kitchen...Now, so many years later, I realize that Rosie is a lot of people…the auntie whom you visited for an overnight when you were eight…the one who let you stay up to watch TV…or maybe it was your older sister who patched up your knees when you fell on your skates…maybe she was more like a parent, offering wisdom, solemnity, jokes…maybe she honored your secrets…in any event, your Rosie was special and when she was gone you thought your heart would break.

Kip was right. Rosie is a lot of people. She’s a guest who trusts us to help in her darkest hours. She’s also a supporter who gives us a gift of time or money, trusting us to make sure it makes a difference.

On Sunday, we will celebrate our anniversary with music, friendship and delicious food. And we will remember and recognize all the wonderful Rosies who contribute to this extraordinary community. Like you.

Thank you for your friendship, for helping us to make a difference, for being our Rosie.

In celebration and solidarity,

Leemarie Mosca