Become an Advocate for Change

We are living at a time like no other.

For the past six months, Rosie’s Place has worked to adjust to an ever-changing set of challenges as we continue to serve poor and homeless women under extraordinary circumstances.

This pandemic has exposed critical shortcomings in the existing network of services for the most vulnerable women among us, and now we see a fraying of the very safety net that is expected to protect those who turn to us for help. With the threat of mass evictions looming, the future our guests face is becoming more precarious with every passing day.

Advocating for legislation and addressing issues that impact our guests’ well-being has always been central to what we do at Rosie’s Place–and it is more critical today than ever before. Our framework of social justice leads us to work toward laws and policies that acknowledge, respect and meet the needs of underserved women at this time of crisis.

But we can’t do this work without you, our supportive community. Now is the time to engage with our efforts when so much is on the line.

Through the Rosie's Place Action Network, you can easily promote social justice and effect change for poor and homeless women in Greater Boston. Our action alerts will quickly reach you when we need legislative support for issues impacting our community. During the pandemic, our efforts have contributed to a number of victories, including election reform, increased funding for homelessness prevention and an eviction moratorium.

Will you join us to help improve our guests' lives? Take your first action today to expand the eviction moratorium and prevent more homelessness in the coming months.


As this health crisis evolves, we will see existing community resources overwhelmed by even more women seeking assistance. Rosie’s Place will continue to offer them our help while we advocate for a better world for our guests. Thanks for joining us in this work!

With appreciation,

Leemarie Mosca