A Second Crisis Emerges: Hunger

Every day at Rosie’s Place we continue to meet the essential needs of poor and homeless women, with the need for food among their most urgent. Our guests have always struggled with hunger, but never more desperately than they do today.

Before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, 9% of Massachusetts households experienced food insecurity; currently that figure has risen to a staggering 38%.

Thanks to friends like you, we have been able to meet these remarkably increased needs. Daily, our Dining Room is serving an average of 170 meals to homeless women who have nowhere else to turn. And many of the women who come to us for groceries are recently out of work or have additional family members sheltering with them—stretching their resources thin. Just weeks into the health crisis, our Food Pantry program more than doubled in size.

I recently spoke with WBZ’s Jordan Rich about the growing demand for our Food Programs: 

As I write, the need for groceries and meals among our guests continues to skyrocket.

With a gift today, you will help to sustain our critical Food Programs so that we can continue to respond to this hunger crisis in our community.


Your generosity means we can help women like Norma—who sleeps at another shelter and is at our door every morning at 7:30am to spend her days with us. She has come to depend on our hearty meals and appreciates being able to eat them in a safe, peaceful space.

And women like Annette, who has housing but who is now working even harder just to get by. With her daughter and two grandsons who’ve recently moved in with her—she’s feeling the strain of feeding a larger family. The fresh produce and non-perishable groceries Annette receives from us help her to make ends meet for one more week.

While we strive to address a critical need in our community, we know we can count on the support of our friends. And in turn, when Norma and Annette–and too many other women—struggle to get through one more day, one more week, they know they can count on us to see them through. You enable us to be a constant in their lives. Thank you.

With appreciation, 

Leemarie Mosca
President/Executive Director

P.S. As our food expense soars to address this urgent need, your gift will allow us to remain a safety net for women and families who are struggling with food insecurity. Please give today at rosiesplace.org/hunger.