A Q&A with Our President

While social distancing has meant that we have fewer opportunities to connect in person, staying in touch with our community is as important as it ever was. Getting the chance to share stories, answer questions, and hear feedback allows us to remain connected despite being physically apart. We’ve had to be creative about how we do this—but it’s been fun to find new ways to engage with all of you. Nothing will replace having a face to face conversation, or being able to hug a friend, and hopefully someday soon we will get back to doing these things. But until then, we look forward to supporting each other however we can!

Last week, we invited our Instagram community to send their questions about Rosie’s Place in the hope that we could provide some insights into our work these days. While our service delivery doesn’t look the same as it once did—advocacy visits are happening over the phone, meals are provided to-go or one-to-a-table, and groceries are distributed outside—the care and compassion we bring to our work is unchanged.  We continue to love our guests unconditionally and our commitment to them is unwavering.

Thank you for making all we do possible! If you did not catch the Q&A on Instagram, click the image below to watch the recap on YouTube or view it in its original format on our Instagram profile.


With appreciation,

Leemarie Mosca
President/Executive Director