Fall News from Rosie's Place

Today, one in three adults in the Commonwealth is unsure of where their next meal is coming from as housing costs soar and force many women and their families into unexpected homelessness.

In the Fall edition of Rosie's Place News, you can learn about how we are responding to these crises—how we continue to do more and be more for the thousands of poor and homeless women who depend on us every year.

You can also read more about:

 ~ How Trina found much more than shelter at Rosie's Place
 ~ Students in our Women's Education Center celebrating progress 
 ~ Our Dining Room serving nearly double the meals from last year
 ~ Rosie's Place's Funny Women...Serious Business luncheon on November 7th
 ~ Tax-advantaged giving options that will help sustain our vital community

So long as there is a need for Rosie's Place, we will extend our hearts and our help to every woman we can.

We extend to you, our dear friends, our deepest thanks for making this possible.

With appreciation,

Leemarie Mosca

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