Our Women’s Education Center writes Words for Our Natural World!

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) students in our Women’s Education Center (WEC) spent the Spring writing, workshopping and typing up pieces about our natural world. From reflecting on water, fire, earth and air to learning about the impact of climate change and strategies to mitigate it, these students have moved us with their ideas and reflective prose. We compiled their work into a beautiful chapbook entitled Words For Our Natural World that was graciously designed by our friend John Rodzvilla of Emerson College Pub Lab and generously printed and bound for us by our friends at Bridgeport National Bindery.

Students dedicated the book with the following inscription: “We, the students of Rosie’s Place Women’s Education Center dedicate this book to all the citizens of the world. We all must love, respect and protect our planet earth. We believe in climate change and we want to work to build green areas, fresh air and clean energy for all. We hope this book will inspire others. Act now!”

Our community celebrated the work of our amazing students and volunteer teachers with author readings in our classrooms followed a reception in our Dining Room. We are so proud to welcome and support our students from around the world. Their persistence and progress inspire us!

Click below to read our students' new book!


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