Care Packages

Rosie’s Place guests struggle to have the necessities they need to make it through the day.
We’re hoping you can help us meet the need for these essential items by creating Care Packages we can distribute to the hundreds of women who visit us daily. 

Our goal is to include a bundle of personal care items with the groceries we distribute in our Food Pantry. Open 5 days a week and serving 350 women a day, our Food Pantry provides guests with produce, meat and dairy products as well as non-perishable staples.  

How to Create Care Packages for Rosie's Place Guests

  1. Host a drive by advertising your efforts to family, friends, co-workers, or community members asking them to help you collect the items listed below*.
  2. Sort collected items, ensuring everything is full size, new, unexpired and unopened. Recruit your coworkers or friends to help with this part.
  3. Place requested items in a clear, re-sealable 2-gallon plastic bag. (This bag is large enough to fit full size products.) Extra hands at this step are helpful as well!
  4. Register your care package donation to arrange your drop off. 
  5. Request community service hours.

Items for Care Packages

    • Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Floss
    • Deodorant, Soap, Body Wash
    • Lip Balm, Face Cream, Hand Lotion
    • Shampoo, Conditioner
    • Hand Sanitizer, Wipes
    • $25 Gift Cards to Target, Old Navy, Walmart, CVS and Walgreens*

Please only include items on this list.

*Gift cards are ideal as they allow guests to shop for items they need most. Please keep gift cards separate from the assembled care packages and include the gift card receipts if possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all items need to be new?
Yes – we ask that all items be new, not expired, and unopened. If you hold a collection drive, please check the items prior to including them in the care packages. Many personal care items – like toothpaste, deodorant, etc. – have expiration dates and sometimes an unwrapped toothbrush or used shampoo might make its way into a collection box. It saves us a heap of time if you check these dates on your items prior to packaging them.

Is it OK if I don’t include all the items listed in each care package?
Yes – you do not need to include all items listed, but you should end up with a filled bag.

Can I include items not on this list? (i.e. underwear/socks/razors/mouthwash/etc.)
Please only include items on the list when creating your care packages. If you receive additional items, check out our Wishlist to see if it is something we can use and how best to get them to us.

Can I include period products?
Because not everyone using Rosie’s Place services menstruates and those that do have specific wants and needs, we hand out period products individually and don't include them in pre-made packages.

I’m unable to ship my packages to Rosie’s Place. Can I drop them off?
Yes, you can! You'll need to schedule your drop off beforehand. Drop off times are limited to Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm. If you are donating more than 100 care packages, please email us at so we can make arrangements to have the proper equipment and staff to manage your drop off.

Can I include personal notes in or labels on the care packages I donate?
If you or your group would like to make personal notes, we ask that you package them together in a separate bag and not place them in each individual care package.

What if everything doesn’t fit in the bag?
Not all items have to be included in each care package. Please do your best to make sure that each item as well as each care package is properly sealed. We move around completed care packages for distribution and unsealed packages could result in items falling out and/or contents spilling and ruining other care packages.

Can I use travel size items for care packages?
We do accept travel size items but not as part of care packages. Care packages are distributed to guests utilizing our Food Pantry – many of whom are bringing these items home to their families. Travel size toiletries are distributed through many of our emergency services. Check out our Wishlist to see the travel size items we are accepting.