Join thousands of volunteers who donate their time and energy to the Rosie’s Place mission to make a difference in their community.

Due to COVID-19, we have paused all onsite volunteering to safeguard the health and safety of our guests. To learn more and find ways to continue to support our work, click here.

To be contacted when we begin accepting applications for onsite opportunities, fill out this form.


Volunteering Made Easy

  • Get started right away. Once your application is processed, you receive access to our online scheduling system VolunteerNet.
  • Flexibility of scheduling. Review openings for the next 30 days and choose up to three per month that work for you.
  • No regular commitment required. Take a break when you need to and start back up again when you have time to give.
  • Regular, ongoing opportunities available.  Learn about specialized volunteer opportunities—often requiring weekday availability and additional training, as well as a regular commitment—by signing up for a tour on VolunteerNet.

Read the story of Juval, who’s bringing his background in literacy programs to our ESOL classroom. 

Ways to Get Involved 

  • Teach classes in English as a Second or Other Language, computer and literacy to adult women.
  • Visit in the community, one-on-one or in a group setting, with women at local long-term facilities or other homebound environments to share interests and activities.
  • Prepare and serve meals at breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Lead an arts workshop.
  • Assist guests shopping in our Food Pantry.
  • Learn more by viewing our directory of individual volunteer opportunities. 

Become a Volunteer Today!

Step 1 Read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 2 Apply! Volunteer Services will be in contact within 1 business day. 

Questions: Review the Frequently Asked Questions or email volunteer@rosiesplace.org.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to other FAQs can be found on our Group Volunteering and Social Justice Institute pages. 

What do individual volunteers do?

Click here to learn about ways volunteers help.

Can men volunteer?

Absolutely! We welcome male volunteers.

Can I complete community service hours at Rosie’s Place?

Yes, please review the Community Service Policy to determine if our program will meet your requirements.

What is the age requirement?

Volunteers must be 12 or older and children aged 12-15 may help out in the dining room if they are accompanied by an adult who is also a registered Rosie’s Place volunteer.

If I’ll be volunteering with my child, do we both need to fill out applications?

Yes. All volunteers must complete an application and sign up for shifts using VolunteerNet.

What is VolunteerNet?

VolunteerNet is an online portal that individual volunteers use to access their service history, update their contact information as well as sign up for volunteer openings in the next 30 days. Volunteers receive access to VolunteerNet after completing the application process.

What are the steps to becoming an individual volunteer?

1. Complete an Application.
2. Receive access to VolunteerNet within 1 business day.
3. Log into VolunteerNet and sign up for a shift or a tour.

Can I apply to volunteer in person or over the phone?

Those options are not available; due to the size of our program, we must rely on an automated application and scheduling system. Volunteers are required to apply and sign up for shifts online.

How long will it take to process my application?

We process applications daily Monday-Friday. Typically, you‘ll hear back within 1 business day.

When will I be able to start signing up for shifts?

You will have access to VolunteerNet after your application has been processed. You will be unable to sign up for shifts until you have completed a volunteer application and have received your login information for VolunteerNet. This takes about 1 business day. 

Why haven’t I heard back yet?

We try to process applications within 1 business day, but sometimes it may take a bit longer. Also:
• Did you check your spam folder?
• Did you mistype or list a different email on your application?
• Did you omit a phone number from your application?
If you are still having problems, please email volunteer@rosiesplace.org.

Are there opportunities beyond what is advertised on VolunteerNet?

Rosie’s Place is located at 889 Harrison Ave in Boston -- close to the intersection of Mass Ave and Harrison Ave near the BU Medical Center. Taking public transportation or carpooling is definitely your best bet, but there is limited on-street parking and pay parking garages in the area. *Do not park in the Boston Water & Sewer or CVS lots as you will be towed. Directions are available here.

What should I do when I arrive for my first shift?

Arrive promptly and use the PIN you received with your VolunteerNet login to sign in on the kiosk in the lobby. Report to your assignment or ask the front desk for directions. Once there, please notify staff that this is your first shift and you’ll get an overview of how you will be helping.

Of course! These opportunities include friendly visiting, teaching ESOL and leading art workshops and typically require weekday availability and additional training, as well as a regular commitment. The first step in getting involved is to sign up for the “Tour of Rosie’s Place Volunteer Opportunities” on VolunteerNet. Tours are offered on weekdays several times a month.

Are there opportunities to volunteer on nights and weekends?

Yes, but please be aware that these are our most popular shifts and fill up very quickly. Any available evening or weekend openings are advertised on VolunteerNet.

How can I support Rosie’s Place if I work full-time?

Some ways to help whenever you have the time are:
• Subscribing to our email list.
• Organizing a toiletry or food drive.
• Holding a fundraising event.
• Selling Women’s Craft Cooperative products at your workplace or community event.
• Joining our Friends of Rosie’s Place young professionals group.

My friends and family want to serve a meal together. Are we individual or group volunteers?

Catering as a group is the easiest way to volunteer with several people. Catering groups schedule in advance, reserve spots for their group members, and underwrite food costs for $350. If catering is not an option for your group, you are welcome to apply to become individual volunteers and sign up for shifts using VolunteerNet. Although you won’t necessarily be volunteering together, you can experience helping in the dining room.

Do you offer tours?

Yes. Tours are offered weekdays several times a month. These 1-hour information sessions are a chance to visit Rosie’s Place and learn about volunteer opportunities not advertised on VolunteerNet. To attend, sign up for the “Tour of Rosie’s Place Volunteer Opportunities” on VolunteerNet.

Do volunteers serve meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Yes, but please note that holiday shifts fill up very quickly once they are advertised on VolunteerNet. To serve meals, individual volunteers must apply and sign up for an opening on VolunteerNet. To bring a group to cater a holiday meal, click here.

I volunteered before with a group. Can I come back by myself?

Yes. All you need to do is become an individual volunteer.

Can I bring my church group/book club/scout troop to help?

Yes. Learn more about bringing a group to cater here.

Can I do my school paper on Rosie’s Place and/or my volunteer experience?

Yes. You can find extensive personal stories, videos, financials and information regarding poverty and homelessness at www.rosiesplace.org that should prove helpful with your project. Also, if you honor the Press Policy and Sanctuary Agreement, you are welcome to become an individual volunteer and share your experience with others. Please note that, due to an overwhelming number of inquires, we are unable to accommodate interview requests or assist with projects.

Can I volunteer as part of my class requirement?

Please review the Community Service Policy to determine if our individual volunteer program will meet your requirements. We are unable to accommodate students with larger service requirements.

Can I complete my high school internship at Rosie’s Place?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer high school level internships beyond the summer Social Justice Institute.

How do I get to Rosie's Place?