Rosie’s Place Guest Finds New Direction at Stacy’s Juicebar

Stacy Madison

When Stacy Madison, a longtime supporter of Rosie’s Place, was planning the launch of Stacy’s Juicebar this winter, she knew capable, reliable workers would be critical to the success of this new enterprise. Her experience as the founder of Stacy’s Pita Chips had shown her the importance of a talented, dedicated workforce.  At her sister (and Rosie’s Place board member) Deb Pasculano’s suggestion, she looked to the many Rosie’s Place guests seeking employment and found a match with Theresa Marks.  

Theresa, who says she has worked in kitchens all her life, was on board when the juicebar opened at the end of February and has just passed the three-month mark, which makes her eligible for employment benefits. “I love this job,” says Theresa. “It’s the best one I’ve ever had.”

Dave Pearson, an on-site career specialist Rosie’s Place contracts with from Community Works Services, assisted Stacy with finding the right candidate and working out the logistics of transportation to the juicebar’s location in Needham. “Stacy was willing to pay for a monthly commuter rail pass for Theresa,” he says, “which made all the difference in her being able to take the job.”

According to Stacy, she and nutritionist Stacy Kennedy– her partner in the juicebar–are quite pleased with Theresa’s abilities, moving her from a dishwashing and prep position to handling a variety of jobs, including sandwich-making. “She’s been great,” says Stacy Madison, “always willing to do what’s needed.”

Theresa has been receiving services from Rosie’s Place since 2004 and stayed in the overnight program as recently as last fall. But right now she is paying rent for a shared apartment in Dorchester and holding down a full-time job with benefits –and she is elated. “Stacy (Madison) is the best boss,” she says. “She even cares what happens to you outside work, and I’ve never had that before.”

“This is a wonderful example of what a caring community Rosie’s Place is!” said executive director Sue Marsh. “Our supporters truly touch our guests in a myriad of ways.  We are lucky to have Stacy and Deb on our side.”

Stacy says she would “consider employing other Rosie’s Place guests – totally!” should the need arise.  

Readers who have job opportunities for Rosie’s Place guests are encouraged to contact Dave Pearson at With your help, our guests can make essential steps towards stability and dignity!