Press Policy

Rosie’s Place is a sanctuary for poor and homeless women that provides a safe and nurturing environment to help poor and homeless women maintain their dignity, seek opportunity and find security in their lives. In order to respect the privacy of our guests, we have enacted the following policies in regard to media and publicity:

  • All media requests must be approved in advance by the Director of Communications.
  • Rosie’s Place does not permit any photographs of guests to be taken on-site or on the premises surrounding the facility without permission. Stock photographs are available for use.
  • Interviews with guests are strictly prohibited unless previously arranged by the Director of Communications.
  • Use of the Rosie’s Place name and/or logo, and any descriptive literature regarding Rosie’s Place must be approved by the Director of Communications prior to printing and distribution.
  • Volunteer groups may only take photographs of their group volunteering prior to a meal shift – i.e. before the women are in the dining room. No photographs of volunteers with guests are allowed.
  • Due to the overwhelming number of student inquiries about Rosie’s Place, we are unable to accommodate requests for interviews and/or assistance with school projects.

If you have any questions about our press policy, please contact Michele Chausse, Director of Communications, at 617.318.0210 or at