Everyday Needs Resources

What everyday services are available at Rosie's Place?

How can I get a free or discounted phone?

¿Cómo Puedo Obtener un Telefono Gratis o Con Descuento?

  • Lifeline Phone Handout (Spanish)
    En este documento se explica en español como obtener un telefono gratis or con descuento.

I need help with transportation. What resources are available to me? 

Where can I get clothing?

  • Clothing Resources
    This document lists the different places that offer clothing. It includes addresses, phone numbers and other helpful information.

How can I find low-cost or affordable child care?

  • Child Care Resources
    This documents explains the different types of child care, how to find child care and how to pay for child care. It includes a list of organizations that offer assistance with this process.