The program mission is to empower guests to take individual and collective action to create change in their lives through activities that increase their knowledge and confidence, build community, provide leadership opportunities and inspire political activism.

Self-Advocacy is an empowerment-based initiative that develops guests’ leadership skills. Guests build community with one another as they learn to problem-solve, share their stories and take steps towards personal growth and collective change.  

Self-Advocacy is also a philosophy that we use across departments at Rosie’s Place to ensure that our programming fosters guest leadership and is inclusive to all.

Self-Advocacy means something different to each of our guests. Read a list of ways that guests at Rosie’s Place identified that they advocate for themselves.

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Know Your Rights Trainings
Learn your rights as a consumer, tenant and Massachusetts resident!

Cooking Matters Supermarket Tours
Learn how to eat healthier on a budget!
Third Wednesday of the month: 1:15 p.m.

Back on My Feet Walking/Running Group
Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 6:30 a.m.
Meet in front of Rosie’s Place. 

Leadership Opportunities
     Leadership Institute
     Learn to make the personal political through a series of public
     speaking and social justice trainings.
     Inequality and Voting Trainings
     An interactive way to learn why voting is important and how we
     can create change.

Community Garden
Learn how to grow vegetables! All vegetables are donated to the Rosie’s Place food pantry

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