Franklin Field Satellite Office Brings Fresh Produce to Residents

Three years ago we launched our Community Collaborative at the Franklin Field public housing development in Dorchester to bring services to some of the poorest women in Boston. We quickly learned of an unmet need for healthy, fresh food. According to program manager Catherine Louis, “Women were looking for nutritious food that was reasonably priced, but there were no big supermarkets nearby.” About a year ago we partnered with Fresh Truck, a year-round mobile grocery store bringing affordable produce to the same place, at the same time, every week, for families who need it most.

“And because residents have very limited incomes, we help them out with a monthly voucher for food purchase,” says Catherine. Rosie’s Place has arranged for the Fresh Truck to come to Franklin Field every Wednesday afternoon. The shoppers know the schedule and look forward to seeing the refurbished school bus arrive. We give a $10 voucher to each shopper on the third Wednesday of the month, and women may add to their purchase if they desire. For Stephanie L., the presence of the Fresh Truck is a big help. “The Fresh Truck means good value for me and my boys. And I appreciate the convenience of bringing the different vegetables and fruits to us.” Rosie’s Place is also bringing the Fresh Truck to many of the schools we work with in our School Collaborative.